Chrysanthe Pantages, 2015 Fellow

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Chrysanthe Pantages is entering her fourth year at the University of California, Los Angeles, where she is completing her BA in Classical Civilization.  After participating in the American School of Classical Studies at Athens Summer Session II, she will be returning to Ancient Methone as a conservation intern for her second field season there.  In addition to Classics (with an emphasis on Greek civilization) her research interests lie in archaeology and archaeological objects conservation.

Excavation: Ancient Methone Archaeological Project (Greece)

Directors: Sarah Morris (UCLA), John Papadopoulos (UCLA), Manthos Bessios, Athena Athanassiadou, and Kostas Noulas (Ephorate of Pieria, Ministry of Culture, Greece)

Ancient Methone enjoyed strategic placement on the coast of the Thermaic Gulf from 4000 BCE until its destruction at the hands of Phillip II of Macedon in 354 BCE. Through a combination of geophysical and geomorphological analysis, excavation, and LIDAR survey, the Ancient Methone Archaeological Project aims at both defining the palaeoshoreline of this port city and contextualizing it within the larger Haliakmon Delta.  Field school students will participate in excavation, receive training in geomorphological and geophysical survey, and learn how to identify, categorize, and process archaeological finds.


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