Erica Canavan, 2016 Fellow

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Erica Canavan received her Bachelor’s of Science in Biology and Classical Archaeology from The University of Michigan in 2016. As a newly admitted Masters student into The U of M’s Interdepartmental Program in Classical Art and Archaeology (IPCAA), Erica is eager to apply her knowledge in biological sciences to her scholarship in Roman archaeology. Her specific interests lie within understanding Roman burials, religious practices, and banqueting and the environmental analyses of artifacts and soil found in these contexts.

Excavation: Gabii Project (Italy)

Director: Esther B. Van Denam (U. of Michigan)


The Gabii Project intends to investigate the city of Gabii and contextualize it in relation to nearby Rome and Central Italy. As a volunteer, Erica will be assisting in the excavation and recording process of the stratigraphy from a discreet area of Gabii. As a Finds School member, she will be photographing, drawing, and otherwise recording attributes of our collected artifacts. Finally, as a researcher, Erica will be performing a variety of analyses on collected artifacts containing archaeobotanical residue and remains with Dr. Laura Motta.


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