Marylin Love, 2015 Fellow

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Marilyn Love received her BA in Religious Studies with a concentration in Ancient Near Eastern Religions from Chapman University in 2015. She has previously worked on the Megiddo Expedition and is currently an Assistant Area Supervisor on the Jezreel Expedition. Marilyn intends to pursue a PhD in Near Eastern Studies.

Excavation: The Jezreel Expedition

Directors: Norma Franklin (University of Haifa) and Jennie Ebeling (University of Evansville)

Marilyn will be working as an Assistant Area Supervisor on the Jezreel Expedition from May – June, 2015. She will be working closely with Dr. Julye Bidmead to research how water was carried and stored during the Bronze and Iron Ages at Tel Jezreel. Dr. Bidmead and Marilyn hope to learn more about women’s lives in Ancient Israel through this project. Their field research will contribute to a paper that they are co-authoring: “Women, Water, and Walkways: An Example from Tel Jezreel.”


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