American Archaeology Abroad is a U.S. 501(c)3 non-profit organization formed to advance archaeological and historical knowledge and to educate the public about the past and how it is studied. We pursue these goals through engaging in archaeological and historical research and excavation, sponsoring student scholarships, and including students and public volunteers in our lecture and research programs.

Objectives and Purposes

American Archaeology Abroad's specific objectives and purposes ratified by the Board of Directors on October 16, 2010 and placed in our by-laws, are as follows:

(a) to engage in and to sponsor research by American scholars and students on the history and archaeology of the ancient world;

(b) to engage in and to provide facilities for others to engage in archaeological excavation projects in the Mediterranean world, including Egypt, and the ancient Near East;

(c) to engage in, provide facilities for, and financially sponsor the scientific publication of unpublished archaeological research;

(d) to provide hands-on instruction to American students in archaeological field, laboratory, and research methods;

(e) to provide competitive funding opportunities for American students to participate in archaeological educational programs abroad;

(f) to educate the public concerning ancient history and archaeology;

(g) to sponsor public lectures and other informational events open to the public in ancient history and archaeology;

(h) to engage in and to provide facilities for others to engage in the promotion of archaeology, generally;

(i) to engage in and support other activities related to conducting and promoting archaeological research.


American Archaeology Abroad supports three major types of programs.

Archaeological Research

In cooperation with its board and members, American Archaeology Abroad participates in archaeological research abroad. Research and excavation are carried out by credentialed members who have active legal projects in foreign countries. Teams consist of American volunteers from the general public and college students, and are often conducted in collaboration with representatives of the country in which the work is carried out. Our on-site programming includes veducating public and student volunteers about archaeology and the ancient human past through hands-on experience. Volunteers and students work side by side with professional archaeologists, attend regular instructional sessions and topical lectures, and participate in every aspect of the excavation. Additionally, volunteers have the opportunity to visit other archaeological sites on tours. Our goals for these programs are three-fold:

1) Advance scientific knowledge of the ancient past

2) Educate the public both about the past and about how archaeologists and historians study the it

3) Train not only the future generation of American archaeologists but also the general public in scientific pursuits of the ancient past

Student Scholarships for Excavation Abroad

American Archaeology Abroad holds an annual competition for scholarships for undergraduate students to attend archaeological excavations abroad. Current funding allows for two awards of $1500 each, but we intend to develop this program in future years to accommodate additional students. The goals for this program are as follows:

1) Support education in archaeology

2) Forge new relationships with archaeological expeditions by sponsoring students

3) Support and promote archaeology and public education outside of our organization

Lecture Sponsorship

American Archaeology Abroad allocates funds to sponsor public lectures of an archaeological and historical nature in collaboration with local and national organizations. We collaborate with local organizations to sponsor lectures and other public events. We often seek out organizations which would not normally consider archaeology and ancient history within their purview. Such collaborations expose archaeology and ancient history to a community that normally would not seek it out, broadens the exposure of our organization, and opens our own membership to new disciplines and ideas. Our goals for these programs are as follows:

1) Promote public education on archaeology and ancient history

2) Collaborate with local organizations to further the goals of both organizations

3) Bring archaeology and ancient history to the public by collaborating with non-archaeological organizations

4) Gain exposure for our organization, its programming, and its mission



American Archaeology Abroad is run by a Board of Directors consisting of five members. This board is charged with the responsibility of operating our three principle types of programs. Our by-laws state that a minimum of three board positions shall be filled by holders of higher degrees (M.A., M.S., or Ph.D) in archaeology, ancient history, or a related discipline;  at least one board position shall be filled by a representative of the non-archaeological community.

Officers, including President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary are selected from the board of directors.

American Archaeology Abroad is a U.S. 501(c)3 non-profit organization

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