Monica Fenton, 2014 Fellow

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Monica Fenton is a rising senior studying archaeology and anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania. She has worked in the Penn Museum Archives, Near East Section and American Section. Her research interests include the ancient Americas, bioarchaeology, mortuary practices, gender, and gendered violence. This summer, she will attend the MOCHE-UNC Field School in northern Peru and conduct an original research project on non-specific stress indicators in a sub-adult skeletal population.

Excavation: MOCHE-UNC Community Heritage Field School at Quebrada del León, Peru

Directors: Brian Billman, (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill), Jesus Briceno (INC, Peru), and Jennifer Ringberg (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill)

The MOCHE-UNC Field School will be excavating high-status and low-status residences at the site of Quebrada del León in the middle Moche valley on the north coast of Peru. This large Moche town was occupied from 400 BC to 700 AD. Researchers with the Moche Origins Project hope that excavations will give insight into how the Southern Moche State developed and how highland and coastal cultures interacted in this intermediate area.

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